National Scholarship & Financial Agreement


In accepting a FSM National Scholarship award, I commit myself to and agree as follow:
1. I pledge that I will not change the major field of study for which I was initially awarded a scholarship.  If I changed my major to a non-priority field, my eligibility for scholarship will be terminated.
2. I pledge that I will complete the course of study within the prescribed period of study for the field of major for which I was awarded a scholarship.
3. I pledge that I will carry a full-time load for every semester of my studies.  (Full-time load is as follow: 6 credits/semester for doctorate degree, 6 credits/semester for master degree, 6 credits per semester for online graduates, 12 credits for undergraduate students).
4. I pledge that at the end of each semester, I will provide an original, certified copy of my transcript of records to the Office of Post-Secondary and Scholarship at the FSM National Government showing a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 for undergraduates and 3.00 for graduates/post-graduates or better based on a full-time load.
5. I pledge to return to the FSM to provide services in my field of specialty for at least 1 year for every year that I was on National Scholarship.  If I opted to work abroad after completion of my studies or the lack thereof, I will pay 50% of the total amount I received in scholarships back into the National Scholarship Funds account.
6. I pledge that if I failed to meet conditions 1-5 above, I will pay back into the National Scholarship Funds account the full amount that I received in scholarship for my education
Scholarship Recipient:  After reading, understanding and committing to the above conditions, kindly sign your part, have your witness sign her or his part and send this with your application to the address shown above.
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