FSM Scholarship Board doles out funds to undergrads

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): February 10, 2010 - The FSM Scholarship Board has had its second meeting of the New Year, this time to determine those students in undergraduate studies to receive some scholarship funds.

 There were 143 applicants who applied for the $74,000 currently available. Important to note, however, is that Congress is considering whether to appropriate $250,000 for FSM Scholarships during this current Congressional session. If approved, most of this money will be used for undergraduate students.

The Board set the criteria for undergraduate students as follows:

  1. Priority Fields (Medicine, Law, Accounting, Education, Economics, Engineering, Agriculture, Fisheries, Tourism and Aviation);

  2. Expected Date of Graduation (upperclassmen nearest to graduation given priority); and

  3. Grade Point Average.

The Scholarship Staff will compile a list of 37 undergraduate students based on the above criteria and award $2,000 for both fall and spring semesters of 2009-2010. The Board will review the list for approval next week. Assuming the $250,000 is approved by Congress, the Board will meet again and issue higher scholarship amounts and more scholarships to more students in the order of the criteria set forth above.

The Board also discussed whether specific scholarship amounts awarded to recipients should be released to the general public. The Board unanimously decided that the amounts will remain undisclosed as has been done by previous Boards for confidentiality purposes for the students.

For further information please contact the FSM Scholarship Staff by email or telephone as follows: wmendiola@fsmed.fm or jsienes@fsmed.fm or 320-2091/2451.

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