Reimagine your professional development experience with McREL’s professional learning academies and workshops. In our dynamic sessions, you’ll dig deep into research-based instructional and leadership practices that positively influence achievement and help to transform your teaching and leading. Our consultants travel the world to bring our latest insights and professional learning resources to you. Browse our upcoming academies, workshops, conference presentations, and social media events to find ways to connect with fellow educators, add to your professional toolbox, and grow your professional learning network.

Do you need onsite professional learning or are you looking for a dynamic, engaging, and inspiring speaker for your workshop or conference? Download our press kit to learn more about whom to contact regarding our cadre of presenters, and contact us for more information.


Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works
Learn and practice using dozens of tools that bring McREL's 9 best instructional strategies to life in your classroom.
Two sessions available: June 13–14 | Oct. 18–19
Denver, Colorado
Discover the 9 best instructional strategies you can use to create a great classroom environment for learning, help students gain understanding of new content and concepts, and help them extend and apply their knowledge to new situations and contexts. Get 51 practical, ready-to-use tools and activities you can use in your classroom for engaging instruction that makes a difference in student learning.


This 2-day professional learning academy will be presented by Cheryl Abla, co-author of Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works.
Helping English Language Learners Flourish
Denver, Colorado
Designed for ELL specialists and general classroom teachers, this session helps educators understand the five stages of language acquisition, and when to use specific instructional strategies at just the right time to support their ELL students' progress toward fluency.
This session will be presented by Jane Hill, co-author of Classroom Instruction That Works with English Language Learners.
Unleashing Student Curiosity
Two sessions available: July 10–11 | Oct. 25–26
Denver, Colorado
Explore how curiosity can be sparked and sustained within your students, helping them become engaged, motivated, self-directed learners who take ownership of their educational journeys. Get tools, tips, and ideas for embedding curiosity in:
  • Challenging learning tasks and higher-order questions that push students to deeper levels of content understanding and application.
  • Feedback that motivates students to improve and expand their learning. 
  • Learning intentions, narrative, and pacing that engage students. 
  • Inquiry-based, dynamic cooperative group learning. 
  • Formative assessments and reflection to make adjustments to teaching and learning.
This session will be presented by Kristin Rouleau, co-author of Curiosity Works and Unstuck.
Instructional Coaching That Works
Two sessions available: July 17–18 | Sept. 20–21
Denver, Colorado
Learn a new, more effective approach to instructional coaching that's focused on “inside-out,” strengths-based peer coaching that brings teachers together, building on bright spots while learning and growing together. You’ll leave this session knowing how to create belief among your school team that personal and collective growth are possible, and how to use data to drive coaching decisions that will have positive effects on outcomes that matter to all. 
This session will be presented by Kristin Rouleau, co-author of Curiosity Works and Unstuck.
Classroom Instruction That Works:
Authorized Facilitator Training
´╗┐Denver, Colorado
Attend our CITW facilitator training session to deepen your understanding of the nine categories of effective, research-based instructional strategies and learn best practices and structures for delivering McREL's high-quality CITW workshops on your own.
  • Learn how to help teachers apply the instructional strategies to their lesson design and delivery.

  • Get best practices for leading effective adult learning and professional development.

  • Practice delivering lessons and participate in quality assurance steps to become an authorized facilitator.


Upon successful completion of this training, you will be authorized to deliver multiple CITW workshops to educators in your own school district or education service agency area for a period of one year. Annual re-authorization is available.
Motivate. Lead. Achieve.
High-impact professional learning for teachers and leaders.


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