The National Department of Education has secured a grant of US$243,587 from the Global Partnership for Education to fund improvements in education sector-wide strategic planning.
The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is a multilateral partnership devoted to getting all children into school for a quality education. The Partnership includes governments, donor partners, multilateral agencies, civil society organizations and the private sector.
The grant will enable the National Department of Education to lead the first phase of sector-wide strategic planning, which will include all four State Departments of Education, resulting in greater harmonization and improved effectiveness and efficiency across the education sector.
In Phase One, Sector Planning Teams from the National and State Departments of Education will receive training and visit remote island communities to carry out studies and participatory research in order to identify vulnerabilities, raise awareness, gain commitment and build consensus on the future direction of the development of the education sector. 
Capacity development and training is expected to begin mid-year 2016 and a public forum on the findings of Phase One is planned for early 2017. 
In coming months, the National Department of Education will be seeking further support from the Global Partnership for Education for sector-wide strategic plan writing and implementation.

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