This position is established under the Division of Basic Education System & Accreditation, Department of Education (PL 15-09), National Government of the Federated States of Micronesia, duly to develop and implement an FSM Education Data-base and Collection System and provide technical assistance and supports to all the divisions within the department and to the states’ data collection system counterparts.

The Education Information Management Specialist shall report directly to the Chief of the Division of Basic Education System under the Department of Education. The incumbent shall perform in conjunction with the other unit specialists and state’s counterparts to maintain the integrity of the nation’s education system in collecting relevant education information data to support education program planning and critical decision-making on education matters.


  • Develops all new EIMS databases as required by the national and states’ Departments of Education;
  • Manages and monitors the efficiencies and effectiveness of all EIMS databases network nationwide;
  • Provides timely, accurate and reliable education data from the states’ schools and departments regularly and as required;
  • Develops and maintains the security, integrity and dissemination system of the EIMS through recommendations and acquisition of appropriate and cost-effective information technologies;
  • Collects, analyzes and interprets educational data and indicators information and provides findings;
  • Reports findings and implications of school data and indicators to education stakeholders and policy-makers through the department;
  • Monitors and coordinates EIMS data collection activities at the national and states levels;
  • Provides technical assistance to other programs within the departments and/or at the state levels, requiring data on students and teachers performance and collection of related data from other programs, (i.e. - SpecialEd, VocEd and etc)
  • Assists in conducting workshops, training and conferences on educational data collection system; and,
  • Performs other duties as shall be assigned by the Administrator of the Office of Basic Education System.
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