Request for Quotation: Mini school servers

Request for Quotation

The National Department of Education is seeking qualified business to provide a quotation on the items below. Bidders are required to provide a quote for as many school servers as possible within a maximum budget of $6,200. The winning bid will be evaluated based on the quality of the proposed hardware and total number of school servers delivered and only then look at lowest cost. No installation cost is required for this equipment.

Where the brand is specified the NDOE requires the exact device to meet the established standardized hardware in use. Where the brand is not specified vendor can recommend a brand that meet the minimum specifications or better.

For each item below vendor must include a photo of their proposed device and the unit cost along with total cost for all units

Deadline for submission: May 23, 2019

Please send you quotation to Quincy Lawrence and cc to Weison Weital and David Syne

Reference Item


Mini school servers [as many as possible within budget]


Suggested place to purchase these from is at though bidder is free to purchase from anywhere

Mini school server SSD [as many of Mini school server above]

For each mini school server above a 500GB SSD of good quality to include in the server, compatible with the server

Mini school server Spare Power Supply



The mini school server above should already come with their power supply. This is just a few additional ones. For example, if you provide 5 Mini School Servers try to provide at least 1 spare power supply.

Bundled education resources [optional but desirable]


Preferably this should come bundled with World Possible educational digital library and a CMS (


This bundle can actually be purchased at