This version of the Code of the Federated States of Micronesia is an unofficial legislative version of the 1997 Code, as updated by the Office of the Legislative Counsel of the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia, with assistance by the LIS Project. This version is updated through Public Law 12-12 (August 19, 2001).
The first official version of the code was done in 1982 (see, "Introduction to Original 1982 Code [with PL 2-48]") and the latest official revision of the code was undertaken in 1997 (see, "Introduction to 1997 edition, FSM Code").
Users may utilize this unofficial legislative version of the Code as a useful research tool, but should cite to the source laws set forth in the source following each Section of the Code, if citing to a provision that was amended after Public Law 9-164 (May, 1997). Public Law 9-164 was the last law codified in the official 1997 FSM Code.

Users should also check if the portion of the Code that they are referencing has been amended by any public law after Public Law 12-12 by checking the 12th and 13th Congress Public Law Tables on the website of the FSM Congress.

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Chapter 1. Educational System(§§ 101-114)
Subchapter I. Trust Territory Educational System (§§ 101-118) [REPEALED]
Subchapter II. Federated States of Micronesia Educational System (§§ 121-128) [REPEALED]

Chapter 2. Educational Policies and Standards (§§ 231-237)

Subchapter I. Teacher Certification (§§ 211-215) [REPEALED]
Subchapter II. Education Standards (§§ 221-222) [REPEALED]
Subchapter III. Special Education (§§ 231-237)
Subchapter IV. School Year and Attendance (§§ 241-242)[REPEALED]
Subchapter V. Nonpublic Schools (§§ 251-254) [REPEALED]

Chapter 3. Student Assistance (§§ 321-371)

Subchapter I. Student Loan Fund (§§ 311-316) [REPEALED]
Subchapter II. General Assistance (§§ 321-323)
Subchapter III. Student Loan Revolving Fund (§§ 324-334)
Subchapter IV. Continental Airlines Scholarship Program (§ 351)
Subchapter V. Fisheries and Maritime Training Programs(§ 371)

Chapter 4. College of Micronesia (§§ 401-420)
Chapter 5. Library of Congress (§§ 501-505)
Chapter 6. Aid to Nonpublic Schools Fund (§§ 601-606)
Chapter 7. College of Micronesia-FSM (§§ 701-734)