Welcome to Career & Technical Education

John Curley
Chief of Career & Technical Education
Department of Education

The division of career and technical education is responsible for Strategic Goal # 3 (Meet the manpower needs of the nation) of the nation’s Strategic Development Plan. To meet this responsibility, this division has developed a comprehensive vocational (CTE) strategic plan which was approved in 2010 with the following program development and implementation strategies to ensure accesses to Vocational Improvement Programs in the nation:
Strategy No. 1
The National Department of Education shall develop and adopt a national policy on vocational education, mandating the improvement of the States’ Vocational Education Improvement Programs.
Strategy No. 2
The National Department of Education shall publish a publication on Vocational Education and distributes (500 copies) to the (29) high schools in the nation.
Strategy No. 3
The National Department of Education shall develop a database system and incorporates it into its FSM Education Information Management System.
Strategy No. 4
The National Department of Education shall develop a monitoring and evaluation system for the Vocational Education Programs and distributes (25) copies to the (4) States’ DOEs and the (29) high schools.
Strategy No. 5
The National Department of Education shall require the States’ DOE to improve their T-3 Programs to provide vocational skill trainings for “push-out” and “dropout” high-school age youths in the nation to increase the skilled workforce.
This division, in addition to the above, has developed an FSM CTE Curriculum Standards and has just recently completed an FSM Career Guidance Counseling Guide along with four Career Guidance Counseling Guides for the 4 FSM states. Implementation guides for the curriculum standards and career counseling guides are being worked on. Furthermore, aptitude test for both CTE seniors and teachers are also in development for the purpose of assessment and improvement of the CTE programs in the nation.
This division is composed of a chief, a Career Guidance Counseling Consultant, a Curriculum Consultant and a Secretary.