Arthur Albert 
Assistant Secretary
Department of Education
FSM National Government


Mission Statement: To provide leadership, assistance, oversight, and resources so that every student in need of special education is provided for.

If there is anything we can assist with you, please visit us at the FSM Department of Education or call 691-320-8982/1055.


Division of Special Services

The Division of Special Services is responsible to coordinate, monitor, and provide technical supports to the FSM states on special education program and other related services. As a mandate by the FSM Public Law 14-8, FSM is required to provide Free Appropriate Pubic Education (FAPE) to all children from birth to age 21. Since the main source of fuding for this program is from the United States Office of Special Education Program (OSEP), the Division is also required to follow the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Click Regulations to view these laws.

  • Coordinate, monitor and provide technical assistance to children with disabilities, their families and special education personnel.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress of the Special Education programs in the FSM.
  • Review the LEAs Operational Plan and make recommendation to the Secretary Department of Education .
  • Conduct the compliance review for the Special Education Programs within the Federates States of Micronesia.
  • Provide Technical supports to LEAs or FSM States upon request.
  • Compile data and performance progress reports to OSEP as grant requirements and prepare grants application.
  • Develop and coordinate National Special Education Training Programs.
  • Provide liaison services between Technical Assistance providers and the FM States Special Education    Program.
  • Primary responsible for program development and management, budget and financial management policy development, strategic planning and publications.
  • Compile for Secretary Department of Education Submission to the FSM President and Congress the   Special Education Program Annual Program Plan, Fund Status and Annual Performance Reports.
  • Advice the Secretary Department of Education on matters relates to the Special Education Program.