Miyai Keller
Assessment & Data Coordinator
Division of Special Education
Department of Education
  • Conducts research and evaluation on special education best practices and reports results to immediate supervisor for program improvement.
  • Identifies and develops evaluation tool to be used to evaluate students, staff, parents and professionals performances for program effectiveness.
  • Conducts research and recommends to immediate supervisor of special education best practices in assessment and other related areas.
  • Identifies and develops formal and informal assessment tools for measuring achievement levels of students with disabilities, parents’ involvement, to include teachers and the program effectiveness.
  • Assists and conducts workshops and conference on special educational assessment and other related program activities.
  • Conducts needs assessment on special education program priority areas.
  • Assists in collection and analysis of state students, personnel and instructional data.
  • Reports findings and implications of data to immediate supervisor and other special education stakeholders.
  • Assists special education program by providing monitoring and evaluation of the program.
  • Conducts workshops and trainings to program personnel on assessment tools, strategies and procedures.
  • Prepares periodical reports to state and immediate supervisor on assessment activities.
  • Assists in the development and monitoring of the states’ quarterly progress reports, local performance plans, and other reports.
  • Manages and conducts trainings on the Special Education Database systems.
  • Coordinates and monitors the collection, validation, and reporting of special education data to the grantor agency.


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